Friday, September 8, 2017

My Lifeline Too, by Josha

Kaegan entitled this blog, "RPM is my lifeline," I added the 2. Because RPM is my lifeline too. When I think back on the years before Kaegan could communicate, I'm brought to an acute awareness of how things could be right now.

If I had continued to try to "make" something out of his meaningless (I know now) language, we would be having a one-sided conversation about Thomas the Tank right now, with him telling me to "be quiet," and "go away."

If I had continued to try to make connection with him through jumping alongside him or running back and forth, we would still be miles apart and lonely.

If I had continued to take him literally when he yelled NO about every new activity, we'd still be sitting in a still, silent room.

If I had continued to answer his persistent and repetitive questions, I would need a therapist and he would still be frustrated that I was unknowingly making his questions more persistent, more pervasive.

If I had continued to believe the lie of autism when he refused new tasty foods, he would still be eating only chicken nuggets and waffles.

If I had never discovered RPM, we would be where we were. Stuck.

RPM is my lifeline too.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hello, Blogosphere!

It's back to school time and we have decided that for us, it is back to blogging time!

This is Josha, Kaegan's mom and communication sidekick! Kaegan and I have decided to join forces and share the responsibility of posting because I've been wanting to start blogging, too, and he was feeling like generously sharing! (insert smily face)

That being the case, as well as school starting back.. that includes college courses for our man, Kaegan!!... Here is Kaegan's self-introduction that he made for his online course that just started last week. Way to combine an assignment with autism-advocacy, Kaegan!