Friday, June 17, 2016

FAQ's :)

Jake asks:
If you played quidditch, what position would you play?

Kaegan answers:
I would play seeker because I am Harry-Potter-like: I am fast and a good person.

Mom asks:
What was your most memorable birthday?

Kaegan answers:
I think it would have to be when I got to ride in the limo.

Monday, June 6, 2016

FAQ and Apology

I'm sorry that I have infrequently answered your frequently asked questions. Here are three answers for the past three weeks.

Rebecca asks:
What is your "God Story?"
Kaegan answers:
I have more than one, but here is my favorite. When I was only seventeen months old, I lost all the language I had developed and began to read and spell instead without meaning. My mom noticed and began trying to help me regain lost language. Seventeen years later, we discovered RPM and realized that God had answered prayers before they had even been uttered by providing me with the very skills I would later need to communicate. Reading and spelling have been a gift from God.

Dr. Nichols asks:
What is your favorite method of learning math?
Kaegan answers:
I have enjoyed Khan Academy but I have especially enjoyed the lessons my mom prepares.

Duane asks:
What is your favorite season in Colorado and why?
Kaegan answers:
I enjoy all the seasons, but maybe winter is my favorite because I love the snow and snowshoeing.

Keep the questions coming! I love them!